About Trempplin

Leading meta-digital transformational partner in the global metaverse banking solution

As a full-service Banking Technology Solutions and Services provider, we implement a strategic approach to design and develop digital solutions for Banks. Our expertise is unparalleled in implementing IT solutions with certified clients worldwide.

We are passionate about delivering IT solutions that provide high value & agility, hence help build lasting relationships with customers


Our Mantra

Within Budget, On Time, With Precision

Within Budget

Why to pay more or why to spend more money than had been planned for. We at Trempplin takes care of your budget.

Within Budget

On Time

Meeting this requirement has helped us a lot and added much contribution in success story of Trempplin

On Time

With Precision

The delivered product has always shown a good result. False precision can have no practical value.

With Precision


Samraat Sarkar & Kalmesh Kallur

Sam and KK began their professional journey as an employee in the BFSI domain, along their career path they both have worked in OFSS. Around 2016 when they identified a tremendous shortage of skilled resources across the industry, they established the opportunity to embark on the most challenging yet exciting chapter of their lives.

KK possessing over a decade of expertise in leading development and  support projects for banks across the globe. And Sam with over 15+ years of expansive experience  in the banking domain and, also having worked with commercial bank giants like KBZ Bank, Myanmar as Deputy CIO. They became instrumental for putting Trempplin on the Global Map.

Like all entrepreneurs , they too had to face the anomalies of launching and managing a new business such as Product Validation, Thriving on Limited Resources, Lack of Structure, Collaborating With the Competition, Constant Change, Managing Disparate Visions of the Future.

A big part of growing and expanding the business is in taking risks. Sam and KK being the risk takers as they are, they relentlessly unleashed their expertise into growth of Trempplin and took over the industry with their strategic decision-making skills and transformed a startup with just 2 employees to a full-fledged IT solutions and services company with more than 250+ employees within just 6 years. And, Trempplin is now focused on broadening its horizon and progressing towards the next age of innovation.