Simple and reliable core banking system for Microfinance Institutions and Banks. Microflex is networking of branches, which enables Customers to operate their accounts and avail Microfinancing services from any branch of the Microfinance.

The customer is no more a customer of a branch, he becomes the microfinance customer. Thus, Microflex is a step towards enhancing customer convenience anywhere and anytime.

MicroFlex promotes the financial systems, facilitates the process of transformation of microfinance organizations into formal financial institutions.


We carefully design the customer module as a customer is important to your business as well as our business.


Limitless account product from Drawdown Account, Savings Account to Term Deposit.


Loan Application, Approval Process, Loan Contract to Repayment Schedule Generate.

Teller Function

MicroFlex has Vault Management, Till Management, Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Till-to-Till Transfer.


Integrated system with automatic transaction, predefined charts and manual journal entry module.

System Administration

MicroFlex is configurable.one can customize the menu structure, define how MicroFlex handles loan and so on.

Multi Branch

MicroFlex supports multi branch modules and helps in inter-branch transaction.

Multi Currency

Integrated accounting system helps in supporting multicurrency modules.

Reporting Tool

With the reporting tool, one can design there own report as per the requirement.